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The Honda Fit, in addition advertised whilst the Honda Jazz, try a four-door, front-engine, front-wheel drive subcompact car manufactured and advertised by Honda since 2001 and from now on with its third generation. Posting Honda's worldwide smaller vehicle system aided by


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Owners Service Repair Manual covers: Hatchback Including Special and Limited Editions. This is a UK produced manual covering UK models. Petrol motors Covered: ● 1.2 liter (1246 cubic centimetre ) 'L12A' ● 1.4 liter (1339 cubic centimetre ) 'L13A' Does NOT cover 'new' Jazz range introduced 2008 Ignition System: Honda PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) Multi Point Sequencial Ignition System Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS) on some models Transmission: Manual 5 Speed. Transmission: Continuosly Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) Multi Mode Operation with up to 7 Selectable Speeds 1 Reverse Electronic Control by Power train Control Modual (PCM). NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment simple maintenance tasks plus removal and installation are described for the transmissions. Inside this manual you will find: Routine Maintenance tune-up procedures motor repair cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust air pollution control ignition braking system springs and shock absorbers and steering electrical systems and electrical schematics. Haynes repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and come here

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repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregory's manuals are based on an actual vehicle stripdown and are researched and written by automotive motorers with vast experience. Gregory's workshop manuals are produced for the Australian market. These vehicle specifications may vary from those sold in other countries. Please be aware of these possible differences prior to using the data contained within.. more.....

The Honda Fit, in addition advertised whilst the Honda Jazz, try a four-door, front-engine, front-wheel drive subcompact car manufactured and advertised by Honda since 2001 and from now on with its third generation. Marketed internationally and manufactured at ten vegetation in eight countries, deals have reached virtually 5 million because of the middle of 2013.

Posting Honda's worldwide smaller vehicle system aided by the town, Airwave, Mobilio, Mobilio increase, Freed and Freed surge, the Fit try noted for its one-box or monospace with an inside packaging idea allowing a reconfigurable cargo amount contending with bigger automobiles.

Honda revealed crossbreed gasoline-electric models of the Fit in Japan in October 2010 plus European countries in early 2011. The Honda Fit EV, a small manufacturing all-electric variation, was launched in the us in July 2012 as well as in Japan the next thirty days.

The nameplate "Jazz" is employed in Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and most areas of Asia, even though the title "Fit" can be used in Japan, Asia in addition to Americas.
The L-series is a tight 4-cylinder engine developed by Honda, introduced in 2001 aided by the Honda Fit. It has 1.2, 1.3, and 1.5 L displacement alternatives, which make use of the brands L12A, L13A, and L15A. According to the area, these machines are offered throughout the world inside 5-door Honda Brio Fit/Jazz hatchback additionally the 4-door Fit Aria/City sedan. Also marketed within the Japanese-only Airwave truck and Mobilio MPV.

Two different valvetrains exist on this motor series. The L12A, L13A, and something for the L15A varieties need, or “intelligent Dual & Sequential Ignition”. This utilizes two spark plugs per cylinder which fire at different intervals through the burning procedure to accomplish an even more full burn of the gas. This method permits the system having additional power while maintaining gasoline usage minimum, due to the best gas utilization. Emissions may also be paid down. The i-DSI engines have actually two valves per cylinder and a modest redline of only 6,000 rpm, but reach optimal torque at mid-range rpm, enabling good efficiency and never have to rev the engine at highest speeds.

Another valvetrain being used is the VTEC using one of two varieties of the L15A. This system is aimed much more at performance than effectiveness with a slightly higher redline with 4 valves per cylinder, which hits peak torque at greater rpm. But nonetheless offers an excellent mix of both results and fuel efficiency. Both i-DSwe and VTEC need relatively high-compression ratios at 10.8:1 and 10.4:1, respectively.

Before April 2006, the L-series had been solely readily available with a 5-speed handbook or a continually adjustable transmission automated transmission. However, the development of the easily fit into Canada in addition to United States had been initially an L-series motor happens to be mated to a traditional automated transmission with a torque converter. The L12A i-DSwe can be obtained solely inside European domestic markets Jazz and it is offered with only a 5-speed handbook transmission. The 3 other motors can be found with a 5-speed guide, a CVT, a CVT with 7-speed mode, or a 5 rate automatic transmission, according to the region.

At the time of 2010, SCCA has authorized the L15A to be used for Formula F, replacing the Ford Kent system.
The Honda Fit premiered in June 2001 in Japan and instantly became a huge hit. At its introduction in 2001, it obtained the automobile of the season Japan prize. By December 2001, it had outsold the Toyota Corolla, and rated first-in purchases for nine out of twelve months in 2002. They consequently is launched in Europe, Australia, south usa, Southern Africa and South-East Asia, Asia, and Mexico.

The Jazz's gasoline tank under the front chair and compact rear suspension system have actually enabled the rear seating to fold specifically lowest, creating a flexible and regularized cargo amount this is certainly big because of its lessons.

Read: Honda Fit: diagram with forward gas container location and rear seat collapsed, into area usually occupied because of the fuel container.

a manufacturing model for united states of america and Canada premiered on January 8, 2006 at the us Overseas Auto program in Detroit. The car was launched in Canada on April 3, 2006, and in the U.S. on April 20, 2006 as a 2007 model seasons automobile. Within the united states areas, the first generation Fit is changed after only two design years by a fresh 2009 model, that has been released for Japan in November 2007 as a 2008 model. Subsequent iterations will keep up with the same platforms worldwide.
VTEC was something produced by Honda to enhance the volumetric effectiveness of a four-stroke internal combustion motor. The VTEC system utilizes two camshaft profiles and hydraulically selects between profiles. It had been designed by Honda professional Ikuo Kajitani, and had been the first system of their kind. It is distinctly distinct from traditional VVT which advances the valve time only and does not replace the camshaft profile or valve raise in any way.
Japan levies a tax centered on system displacement, and Japanese automobile brands need correspondingly focused their particular analysis and development attempts toward enhancing the efficiency of modest motor styles through ways besides displacement increases. One technique for increasing results into a static displacement includes forced induction, as with products such as the Toyota Supra and Nissan 300ZX which used turbocharger solutions plus the Toyota MR2 which used a supercharger for many model many years. Another method may be the rotary motor utilized in the Mazda RX-7 and RX-8. A third option is to change the cam timing profile, which Honda VTEC had been initial effective commercial build for altering the profile in real-time.

The VTEC system offers the system with several cam lobe profiles optimized both for lower and high RPM functions. In standard form, the single barring shaft-lock of the standard engine try replaced with two pages: one optimized for low-RPM stability and fuel performance, in addition to more made to maximize high-RPM energy result. The switching operation between your two cam lobes are influenced because of the ECU which takes account of motor oils stress, system temperature, automobile speed, engine speed and throttle position. Making use of these inputs, the ECU was set to change from lower raise to your higher raise cam lobes once the circumstances imply that motor output will undoubtedly be improved. At switch aim a solenoid was actuated that allows oils force from a spool device to work a locking pin which attach the large RPM cam follower towards the lower RPM people. From this point on, the valves open and close according to the high-lift profile, which starts the valve more and for longer. The switch-over aim is variable, between a minimum and optimum point, and is determined by motor load. The switch-down straight back from high to reasonable RPM cameras is placed to take place at less engine rate compared to switch-up in order to prevent a predicament in which the engine was asked to use continually at or about the switch-over aim.

The old method of timing changes is create a camshaft with a valve time profile which better worthy of high-RPM procedure. The progress in high-RPM performance take place in trade for a power and performance loss at reduced RPM ranges, which can be where most street-driven automobiles work a majority of the full time. Correspondingly, VTEC tries to combine high-RPM efficiency with low-RPM stability.
With respect to the region, the Fit can be acquired with a 1.2, 1.3, 1.5-liter i-DSwe engine, or 1.5-liter VTEC system. All four motors depend on Honda’s L-series motor family members. The eight-valve i-DSwe machines use two spark plugs per cylinder, enabling fuel to burn considerably totally; for that reason, fuel consumption and emissions are paid down while maximum torque at mid-range rpm try maintained. The 1.5 L VTEC motor has got the typical 16-valve configuration that can optimize result at high rpm.
US-spec internal

Honda Fit's L-series of motors also supplies the castings and reciprocating mass for Honda Marine’s 75 and 90 horse power outboard engines, the BF75 together with BF90.

The machines are mated to a five-speed handbook, five-speed automated, or constantly adjustable transmission, with respect to the area. Two kinds of the CVT are offered: the standard, and CVT-7. The CVT-7 offers a smooth, continuous flow of power, or seven simulated "gears" managed by paddle shifters from the steering column.

The Jazz uses Honda's worldwide Little vehicle system, that will be furthermore utilized by the Fit Aria/City, the Airwave, the Mobilio, plus the Mobilio surge.
The twist-beam back suspension system is a kind of vehicle suspension according to a large H or C shaped associate. Leading associated with the H attaches toward system via rubber bushings, as well as the backside for the H holds each stub-axle set up, for each side of the vehicles. The cross beam associated with H keeps both trailing hands together, and the roll stiffness of this suspension, by twisting because the two trailing hands push vertically, relative to both.
The coil springs frequently bear on a pad alongside the stub-axle. Usually the shock are colinear using the springtime, to form a coilover. This venue gives them a rather large motion ratio compared to most suspensions, which improves their particular performance, and reduces their weight.

The longitudinal precise location of the cross beam controls crucial variables of the suspension's behavior, like the roll steer bend and toe and camber compliance. The closer the cross-beam into the axle stubs the greater the camber and toe changes under deflection. A vital difference between the camber and toe changes of a twist ray vs separate suspension system is the improvement in camber and toe is dependent on the positioning of this other wheel, not the car's framework. In a normal independent suspension system the camber and toe are derived from the career regarding the wheel in accordance with the human body. If both rims compress collectively their particular camber and toe wont changes. Therefore if both tires started perpendicular into roadway and vehicle squeezed together they stay perpendicular into path. The camber and toe changes would be the result of one wheel being squeezed relative to another.
The Jazz's fuel container area beneath the front side in place of rear chairs — coupled with a compact, semi-independent, H-shaped torsion ray rear suspension system — allows for a lesser load system and enhanced cargo amount. Noted for its "lessons leading usage of interior space and greatest mobility for individuals or cargo," the Fit supplied around twice the storage area behind its back seat compared with the Toyota Yaris hatchback.

Ultra chair: The fuel tank and rear suspension layout also allows a multiple-mode seating system, advertised by Honda as Ultra chair and Magic Seat, with four seating settings — and a 5th using markets:

Normal: seating have been in their particular typical place with seating for five.
Utility: perhaps part of the 60:40 split back chair folds and lowers onto it self, generating a set burden exterior and enhanced cargo area.
Extended: a corner chair behind the passenger folds down much like utility mode, nevertheless the front passenger seat folds backwards, making an area that can hold items providing 2.4 meters.
Tall: Either area of a corner seat pillow fold against a corner seat back once again, enabling a place of 1.28 yards high.
Refresh: with all the headrest regarding the front seat removed, the leading chair straight back is folded down to form a lounge-style sitting room.

In accordance with the Fit's main professional, Kohei Hitomi, the Magic/Ultra sitting program's design "came about after the build team have invested very long hours watching somebody in supermarkets and how they retained their particular things."

Ultra baggage: In certain areas, Honda provides the Fit/Jazz without a spare tire, a method promoted as Ultra baggage, in which the spare tire really is employed as an element of a 'taller' mode cargo location behind the rear chairs. A flexible flap permits three designs of back storing: average, Tall and Upper/Lower mode.

The initial generation Fit was created at six places, in Suzuka, Japan; Sumaré, Brazil; Guangzhou, China; Ayutthaya, Thailand; Karawang, Indonesia; and Laguna, Philippines. Products produced in Japan are for Honda's market, European countries, some Asian markets, Australian Continent, Canada plus the united states of america. Products when it comes to Malaysian, Singaporean and Vietnamese markets are manufactured in Thailand. The Brazilian factory furnished Mexico, all Latin The united states therefore the Caribbean. Chinese models were sold in mainland China, and products from a separate export plant are exported for some left-hand-drive European areas, while Jazz versions in Hong Kong are brought in from Japan.

a disc braking system try a wheel braking system that slows rotation of this wheel by the rubbing brought on by pushing braking system pads against a braking system disc with a collection of calipers. The braking system disk is generally made from cast iron, but may in some cases be made of composites like strengthened carbon–carbon or ceramic matrix composites. This can be connected to the wheel and/or the axle. To stop the wheel, rubbing information by means of braking system pads, installed on a tool labeled as a brake caliper, is pushed mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically, or electromagnetically against both side regarding the disc. Rubbing causes the disk and attached wheel to slow or end. Brakes transform movement to heat, if the brakes see too hot, they being less efficient, a phenomenon referred to as brake fade.
On automobiles, disc brake system are often situated inside the wheel.
Motorbike disk brake of Kawasaki W800

The development and use of disc-type brake system started in England into the 1890s. The very first caliper-type automobile disc braking system ended up being branded by Frederick William Lanchester inside the Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM factory in 1902 and used effectively on Lanchester cars. Compared to drum brake system, disc brakes offering best stopping results, because disc is much more readily cooled. As a consequence disk brakes is less susceptible to brake fade, and recuperate faster from immersion. Many drum braking system designs has a minumum of one trusted shoe, which provides a servo-effect. By comparison, a disc brake does not have any self-servo result and its own braking power is often proportional into the pressure positioned on the braking system pad because of the stopping system via any braking system servo, braking pedal or lever. This sometimes give the motorist best "feel" to prevent impending lockup. Drums may also be susceptible to "bell mouthing", and trap used lining information within the assembly, both reasons for different braking problems.
The Jazz/Fit providing in Australia uses, to a degree, japan versions, and was launched in Australian Continent in October 2002.

The beds base design GLi is run on a 1.34-litre i-DSwe engine, and include air-conditioning, a CD player, two front airbags, abdominal muscles brakes, EBD, a vacation computer, remote main locking, a transponder coded immobilizer, power steering, microsoft windows and mirrors. Traditional was a five-speed manual gearbox, utilizing the CVT auto becoming an optional extra.

The VTi adds the 1.5-litre VTEC motor, "activities" trim, and part mirror-mounted turning signs. Optional is the 7-speed form of the CVT automobile with Formula 1 impressed gear move paddles regarding the tyre; the VTi-S features a "sports" human anatomy kit, fog lights, and 15-inch alloy tires.

A "dot" in the "J" in Jazz on the rear regarding the first-generation model show whether it's powered by a 1.5 or 1.3-litre engine. The 1.5 litre variation features a blue dot and 1.3-litre version has a red dot. The second-generation designs are differentiated because of the existence or lack of sound settings from the tyre. Your body system for the VTi-S changed since its introduction in 2003. The image to the right illustrates the distinctions. The white Jazz VTi-S in the middle try a December 2003 model, as the remaining gold Jazz try a 2004 VTi with recommended bodykit, the best gold Jazz is a 2004 design VTi-S.

Since their introduction to Australia, the Jazz happens to be brought in from Japan. Yet belated 2005, Honda Australian Continent started importing the Jazz from Thailand. The inexpensive production outlay allowed Honda to make significant cost cuts throughout the Jazz range, although the colors number was paid off to six.

In 2006, the Australian Honda Jazz obtained a couple of lesser aesthetic facelift. At this stage a free trade arrangement is founded between Australian Continent and Thailand which resulted all Australian Honda Jazz brands becoming made from the Thailand factory. The model and journey alternatives stayed the same excluding the cosmetic modifications.

All models were enhanced to Light-emitting Diode tail lights as standard plus the 1.3 L Gli Jazz versions has its antenna attached at the front end right above the front side windscreen.

The VTi 1.5 L engine and the body remained similar by adding a sports collapsible antenna mounting regarding the back roof. The CVT paddle change program was modified for much easier use. The paddle system try down gears in the remaining and up gears from the right. The prior model had a shifter for both up straight down at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock opportunities.

The VTi-S try mechanically just like the VTi but features an activities system kit. Also, the Light-emitting Diode end lights is smoked providing a far more 'sporty' search.
The Jazz was imported from Japan in title easily fit in 2002, but as a result of the higher price it was not very preferred. In late 2003, Honda decided to import the Fit from Thailand, badged as Jazz, to Indonesia at a much cheap. Following the production, the Jazz is an instantaneous success and became the best-selling vehicles in Indonesia following the Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia. It was offered in only one trim using 1.5 i-DSWe engine mated to either a 5-speed guide or a CVT transmission. During the early 2005, a VTEC model had been supplied with additional backside disk brakes, abdominal muscles, EBD and airbags. Since 2005, all Jazz models were built at Honda's Karawang factory.


Honda Jazz front

Available due to the fact Jazz in the Philippines from 2004 around 2008. It is available with three trim outlines:

1.3 L - five-speed manual, energy steering, without environment case
1.3 S - five-speed manual/seven-speed CVT, all-power, abdominal muscles, twin SRS atmosphere case
1.5 S - five-speed manual/seven-speed CVT, all-power, abdominal muscles, double SRS air case

and 2 engine designs:

L13A i-DSI 1,339 cc SOHC 8-valve
L15A VTEC 1,496 cc SOHC 16-valve

2004 designs were imported from Thailand, while 2005–2008 versions had been built-in Honda's plant in Laguna.
A computerized transmission is a kind of motor vehicle transmission that will instantly changes gear ratios due to the fact car techniques, freeing the driver from having to move gears manually. Like many transmission systems on motors, it allows an internal burning engine, suitable to operate at a comparatively highest rotational rate, to give a selection of speeds and torque outputs needed for vehicular vacation.

The most used type present in automobiles could be the hydraulic automatic transmission. Similar but bigger devices will also be utilized for heavy-duty commercial and manufacturing motors and gear. This system makes use of a fluid coupling instead of a friction clutch, and accomplishing equipment modifications by locking and unlocking something of planetary gears. These techniques posses a defined pair of gear range, frequently with a parking pawl that locks the result shaft associated with transmission maintain the vehicle from moving often forward or backward. Some machines with minimal speed range or fixed engine speeds, including some forklifts and garden mowers, just need a torque converter to present a variable gearing of this engine towards rims.

Form traditional automated transmissions, there's also other kinds of automatic transmissions, such a continually variable transmission and semi-automatic transmissions, that complimentary the driver from needing to shift gears by hand, by using the transmission's computers to improve equipment, if for example the driver are redlining the system. Despite trivial similarity to other transmissions, automatic transmissions differ substantially in internal procedure and motorist's experience from semi-automatics and CVTs. Contrary to standard automated transmissions, a CVT uses a belt or any other torque transmission plan allowing an "infinite" quantity of gear ratios as opposed to a set number of equipment ratios. A semi-automatic maintains a clutch like a manual transmission, but manages the clutch through electrohydraulic means. The capacity to shift gears by hand, usually via paddle shifters, could be found on certain automated transmissions, semi-automatics, and CVTs.

The automatic transmission is conceived in 1921 by Alfred Horner Munro of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and branded under Canadian patent CA 235757 in 1923.. becoming a vapor engineer, Munro designed their unit to utilize compressed air as opposed to hydraulic liquid, and thus it lacked energy and do not discovered commercial application. Initial automatic transmission making use of hydraulic substance might have been developed in 1932 by two Brazilian engineers, José Braz Araripe and Fernando Lehly Lemos; afterwards the model and projects are sold off to General Motors which introduced they in the 1940 Oldsmobile because the "Hydra-Matic" transmission. They were included into GM-built tanks during globe War II and, after the war, GM promoted all of them as being "battle-tested." But a Wall road log article credits ZF Friedrichshafen because of the creation, happening right after World War II. ZF's origins are in manufacturing gears for airship engines beginning in 1915; the business ended up being established by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

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