Softcover – 256 pages – Scooters Automatic Transmission 50cc to 250cc Manual covers models Honda Piaggio Vespa and Yamaha 50cc to 250cc scooters with automatic transmissions including:HONDA CHF50 Metropolitan 2002 – 2005 NB50 Aero 1985 – 1987 NPS50 Ruckus 2003 – 2005 NQ50 Spree 1984 – 1987 SA50 Elite 1988 – 2001 SB50 Elite 1988 – 2001 SE50 Elite 1987 NH80 Aero 1985 CH80 Elite 1985 – 1987 CH150 Elite 1985 – 1987 CH250 Elite 1985 – 1988 CH250 Elite 1989 – 1990 CN250 Helix 1986 – 2001 CN250 Helix 2004 – on NS250 Reflex 2001 – onPIAGGIO FLY150 2005 BV200 2002 – onVESPA LX50 2005 LX150 2005 GT200 2004 – onYAMAHA A50 Riva 1985 – 1986 CE50 CG50 Jog 1986 – 1987 CW50 Zuma Zuma II 1997 – 2000 CW50 Zuma 1989 – 1990 CY50 Riva Riva Jog 1992 – on YJ50 Vino 2001 – 2004 YW50 Zuma 2002 – 2004 CV80 Zuma 1984 – 1987 XC125 Riva 1985 – 2001 YJ125 Vino 2004 XC200 Riva 1987 – 1991Contents:Living With Your Scooter Introduction Safety first Identification numbers Buying spare parts Daily (pre-ride) checks Engine oil level check Coolant level check (liquid-cooled engines) Suspension steering checks Fuel check Brake fluid level check Legal safety checks Tyre checksMaintenance Routine maintenance and servicingRepairs and Overhaul Engine transmission and associated systems Two-stroke engines Four-stroke engines Cooling systems (liquid-cooled engines) Fuel and exhaust systems Ignition systems Transmission Drive components gearbox Chassis components Frame suspension Brakes wheels tyres Bodywork Electrical systems: Wiring diagrams more info

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